How are Campaigns used?

The Campaigns are used by Dialers to call contacts and assign call dispositions. These Dispositions can be used to set an appointment and turn a Contact into a Lead.

Contact lists are imported into a Campaign (or multiple campaigns). 

Overview of creating a Campaign:

  1. Create a Campaign

  2. Import the Contacts

  3. Assign a phone # to the Campaign

  4. Start calling and generating Appointments, Leads and Prospects!

-Prerequisites - Permissions-

To create or edit a campaign, login with Admin Group access.

Create Users and assign them to Groups

Create a Campaign

In Admin section, navigate to Campaign Management>Campaign List

The Campaign List shows existing Campaigns. 

Copy/clone an existing Campaign - as most will generally share similar Dispositions and other settings.

Select the Copy icon next to the Campaign name that you wish to clone:Enter a Campaign Name, Location and Description, and set the Campaign as Active.

Depending on your process, you may want to create Campaigns as "inactive", only Activating them once you have verified the various settings.

- This is an example of a Sales Campaign in Florida.

Next, choose which settings to copy from original campaign. 

We recommend to copy most settings, in this case we will be assigning our own local # for Florida.

Note: Your Dialers will be unable to call a Campaign without an associated phone # (unless their account includes an assigned #).

Press Save to create the Campaign!

Import Contacts

Select Contacts, and choose Import Contacts

Drag and Drop a .csv file with Contacts, or select it manually. Here I have dragged and dropped my Florida contact list:

Choose Import

This takes us to the Process Import section - aka map all the fields to the file

Map each of the fields (or ignore) as well as Custom Fields (if configured) and choose Process Import

Please wait while it processes the import

Once complete, it will show a summary of successfully added contacts:

Import completed! Contacts are loaded into the Campaign!

Assign a Phone #

Be sure to assign the phone number!

You may need to Add a phone number if not already available for use.

Select Dialing Configuration, and scroll to the Phone Configuration section.

Type in the phone # (or part of it) and select it from the list:

Press the green + button to add the Phone # to the Campaign:

Please double check the Dial Configuration, to ensure you have the correct Time Zone and days/times (if enabled):

Press Save to keep your changes.

The Campaign is now Active! Dialers can start calling and generating Appointments, Leads and Prospects!

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