Configuring Lead Workflows

    The Lead Workflow is the heart of Xenleads, and workflows are extremely customizable,
    so it is important to take the time to tailor your lead workflow(s) to fit your organization's exact needs.   

A. Getting To The Admin Lead Workflow Section

    1. Permissions

Before you can access the Admin Sections to get to the Lead Workflow Configuration Screen, you must make sure that your Xenleads user has appropriate permission. Learn More About Setting Up Users.

You will need the following permissions to access and configure a Lead Workflow:

  1.     Admin Access (Access admin screens)
  2.     Edit Lead Workflows (Admin - Add, Delete, Edit and Copy Lead Workflows

    2. Navigate to the Admin Lead Workflow Screens

To get to the Lead Workflow List, from the Admin side bar or the Admin Control Panel, click on  "Lead Workflow List" (see below).

B. Add a New Workflow

Option - 1 - Copy an existing workflow

If you have an existing Lead Workflow that is similar to the new workflow you wish to create, it is always easiest to just copy the existing workflow and make adjustments from there.
To copy a lead workflow, click the copy icon next to the workflow you wish to replicate:

then just give the workflow a name and adjust any of the workflow's configurations that you wish to change from the original. 

Option - 2 - Create a Workflow from Scratch

    The following sub-articles will walk you through the steps for customizing a Lead Workflow.
    If you need clarification or help with any of these steps, please feel free to reach out to our award winning support team!

  1. Complete Basic Information

  2. Create Lead States

  3. Add Milestones (Optional)

  4. Create User Assignments

  5. Map User Assignments to Products (Optional)

  6. Configure Lead Workflow Groups

  7. Create Workflow Group Items

  8. (optional) Add Custom Fields