The first time a Dialer sets Phone Online, Chrome will prompt to enable Mic. 

When prompted, you must allow Chrome access to your microphone.

If not, or if you change headsets, you may need to re-enable allowing XenLeads access to your microphone.

To check, click the small Camera icon on right side of top address bar in Chrome.

- Please change from block to Allow. We recommend your headset to be the default microphone - but if desired you could choose it manually.


Settings > Advanced

Under Privacy, choose Content Settings

Scroll all the way to Mic, and choose default Mic, and choose Ask when a site requires access to your microphone


- Click Manage Exceptions, check that XenLeads is listed as Allowed

Also, you might want to make sure your mic is not muted, you can use a tool like This one to test your microphone online.