Configuring phone numbers for individual users, groups of users, or for your dialing campaigns is a straight forward process.  XenLeads allows sharing of phone numbers between users and calling campaigns.  It's possible to run XenLeads with a single phone number but depending on your business process, you may want to consider a more advanced phone number allocation and routing scheme including local presence dialing.

To purchase and configure phone numbers select the menu option for Admin->Phone Management->Edit Phone Numbers.

Purchasing a phone number

You purchase a number from the Edit Phone Numbers admin menu option.  On this screen, you will see buttons to add a phone number from each of the Voip providers you have access to. (In most cases this will just be Plivo, but you may also have the options for additional Voip providers) .  In any case, we recommend selecting a Plivo number since the Plivio phone numbers support advanced call features such as conferencing and live call monitoring.   Please allow at least 3 minutes for a newly purchased number to become active. 

Once you click the 'Add Number' button, you will be prompted to 'Search For Number'.  You should enter an area code that you want to use for your phone number and click the search button.  The system will then show you a list of phone numbers available in that area code.  For your phone number, you'll also want to consider local presence dialing and OK caller information as described below.

Local Presence Dialing

Studies have shown a dramatic increase in call answer rates when dialing contacts from a phone number with an area code local to that contact.  This especially matters for business to consumer calling campaigns.  For example, if you're campaign is dialing numbers in Chicago, you would want to select a phone number with a 312 area code for the best call pickup rates.

OK Caller

When presenting a list of available numbers for you to purchase, XenLeads will automatically compare those numbers to the OK Caller database.  Phone numbers that are clean and ready for use are color coded with a green OK Caller badge.  Phone numbers that were previously reported as spam numbers will be color coded with a red badge.  Do not purchase a red phone number.

Inbound Call Routing Rules

Xen Leads has the ability to intelligently route calls based on a simple set rules that you define.  

Virtual Numbers

Numbers that you wish to associate with calling campaigns should be marked as a "Virtual Number".  This instructs the system to use intelligent routing for the phone number.  CONTACT OWNER FIRST.   IF NO OWNER - CALL HISTORY.  If Joe from your call center last contacted the caller, then Joe will receive the inbound call.  If Joe is not available to accept the inbound call then the system will route the call to any other agent assigned to the user or group of users assigned to the phone number or send the user to voice mail.

Direct Call

The call will be routed to a single user that's assigned to the phone number.  If more than one user is assigned to the user, the system will pick a single user based on user availability (who's phone is online).  NOTE: GROUPs should use simulring


The call will be routed to all users assigned to the phone number.  The first person to answer the call is connected to the caller.


No incoming calls are allowed.  The caller will be disconnected.