If you will be using Xenleads' Deals feature you can map lead assignments to Products in a Deal Workflow. If there is a lead assignment that will carry over from the lead to the Product (e.g. a 'Sales Rep' who attends an appointment as part of the 'Lead Workflow' may carry over to the Product user role of 'Sales Rep'.) This can be especially handy for tracking commissions, and keeping track of which Users a customer has worked with previously.

a. Navigate to the 'Products' tab.

b. Select the 'Deal Workflow' you would like to associate with this lead workflow.

c. Once you have selected a 'Deal Workflow', the products associated with that workflow will appear along with the 'user roles' affiliated with those products. A drop down will appear for each Product role so you can designate which Lead Workflow Assignment relates to that role.
Note- You do not have to map any or every role. Only map the roles which will carry over from the Lead Workflow to a Product.

d. Once you are done mapping Lead Workflow Assignments to Product User Roles, click Save at the bottom of the page.