Lead Workflow Groups control the flow of leads as they move through the 'Lead Pipeline'. Think of it as a flow chart for the operations of your organization. Within each Lead Workflow Group are Group Items which act as disposition options for users who work the lead pipeline. As a lead is flagged with a 'Workflow Item' it will signify what action needs to be taken next on that lead (and can also signify which user(s) will need to take that action. For example, if you are a sales organization, you might set up a group called 'Appointment', another group named 'Sold' and a third group called 'Dead'. Depending on how the sales appointment went, a lead would move to either 'Sold' or 'Dead.

a. Click on the 'Lead Workflow Groups' tab.

b. Select 'Add a new workflow group'

c. Once you have saved a name additional form fields will appear.

d. (optional) Add Workflow Group Milestones
- If a lead that is moved into this group signifies milestone events have occurred or been removed, select the corresponding milestones.
- By default the milestone will be added, but you can click the 'set active' button and it will switch to 'remove'.

e. (optional) Configure Lead Workflow Assignments
- If moving a lead to this workflow group changes one or more user role, to the user who selects the item, you can reflect that change here by clicking 'add assignment' and selecting the assignment(s) you wish to add.

f. (optional) Add Notifications
- If you would like to notify the lead owner when a lead reaches this workflow group, check the 'Send E-mail to Lead Owner' box.
- Note- Lead owners must have an email configured in their User Accounts in order to receive an email.
- If you would like to send an email to someone when a New Lead is added to this Workflow Group.

g.  Set Additional Options
- Change Time that A Lead Will Show up in the Lead Pipeline - normally a lead will be visible at the beginning of the day for a given follow-up date.If you add hours in the 'Show leads # Hours before follow-up date' it will be be added to that amount. Thus, if you enter the value '24' it will be 24 additional hours, so if your task starts Tuesday, you will see the item Monday morning.
- Checking the 'Must Have Follow up Date' box will force a User to assign an appointment to a User for leads that are transitioning into this workflow group.
- Checking the 'Users Can Only See Their Own Tasks' box limits visibility of leads in this workflow group to the user to whom the lead is assigned.
- Checking 'Hide Un-Assigned Tasks' will limit visibility of leads in this workflow group to Users who have Admin Permission to see Leads in this workflow (the next section will discuss permissions).
- 'Can Assign Owner' allows users (with edit or admin access) to assign Leads in this workflow group to another User.

h. Assign Permissions
- In order for a user to be able to create or view a lead who is in this workflow group, the user must be assigned permission to the group.
- If the user has 'create' access, but not 'pipeline' access, they can create a new ad-hoc lead and assign them to this group.
- Once the lead has been created, a user must have 'pipeline access' to be able to edit the lead.

i. Once you are done Creating workflow groups, go back to the 'Basic Information' tab and select the workflow group that you would like Leads to start in by default.
Note- Leads can be manually created and inserted into a different workflow, and you may configure a disposition on the dialer to start a lead in a different workflow group, but in all other cases, a new lead will start in the workflow group you assign here.