As users disposition leads in their Lead Pipeline, the disposition they select will flag the lead with a workflow group item.
a. Click 'Edit' on one of the workflow groups you have created.

b. Click 'Add a New Item'.

c. Enter basic information about the workflow item.

- The code will appear on the lead disposition button.
- The sort will determine the order of the 'disposition buttons' (buttons will appear from lowest to highest sort number).
- If you wish for a user to make a note when selecting a lead disposition item, check the 'comments required box'.
- If you would like the appointment calendar to appear and force users to create a follow up appointment for leads that are flagged with this item, check the 'requires an appointment' box.
- If leads that are dispositioned with this item have been sold and a deal should be created, check the 'creates deal' box.and users will be required to set up a deal for this lead following their disposition selection.

e. (optional) Add Milestones
- If dispositioning a lead with this item signifies milestone events have occurred or been removed, select the corresponding milestones.
- By default the milestone will be added, but you can click the 'set active' button and it will switch to 'remove'.

f. (optional) Add User Assignments
- There are three pre-set options for user-roles, 'created by', 'appointment owner' and 'pipeline User'.
- If selecting this disposition item will change one of these user roles, to the user who selects the item, you can reflect that change here.
- If there is already an existing user assigned to a role for the lead when this group item is selected and you wish to overwrite the existing data related to that role, toggle 'over write existing' and the previous role will be replaced.
- Otherwise, if there is no one assigned to the given user assignment when this group item is selected, the current user will be assigned --however if there is already a user assigned, the assigned user will remain as it is.

g. Pipeline Management
- If selecting the disposition item should move a lead into a different workflow group, select the group.
- If selecting the disposition item should change the lead state, select the state.