Custom fields allow you to collect and record additional information about your leads that is specific to your business use case.
For example, you can setup custom fields to collect monthly credit card volume, the hours of operation for a lead's business etc.
The following field types are currently supported: 'text', 'number', 'list', 'currency', 'date', 'user', or 'link'.

a. Go to the 'Custom Fields' tab

b. Select 'Add New Custom Field'

c. Select the type of field you would like to add ('text', 'number' etc).
- Note- If you are making a list field, you will see an additional input section that appears where you can add the options that users can select.

d. Input the Name you would like to appear on the field. (e.g. business hours)

e. Toggle 'Required' to the right if you would like users to be required to input information into this field for every lead in this workflow.
- If the field is required, a user will not be able to save any changes to the lead's information until a value is input into the field.