Navigate to User Management > List All User accounts

Choose Add Multiple Users

(even if it is just for 1 user)

On the Add Users screen, you can either enter in the user information, or select an existing user to copy their permissions and other settings. 

Generally, we would copy existing permissions, as in this example.

Enter in a user to clone permissions from, and once selected, click the + to the left to use their permissions as a template for the new user(s) -

Verify Time Zone, Location, Home Page are correct - 

Next enter and confirm a Password for the new user(s). In this case we will also toggle Force Password Reset.

The new user will need to change the password the first time they log in.

Review and adjust Groups and other permissions if needed:

User names / can be entered in and added to a queue at any time, however it is best left for the last step - after all of the other settings are entered and verified correct.

Enter in each user you wish to create, and select Add User to Queue

Once all of the user(s) are added to the queue, choose Add these Users to add them all at once. 

After a few moments a summary will be displayed:

The newly created users can be edited from this screen, in case a setting needs further adjustment.

The two new users have been successfully added to XenLeads!

It is recommended to Impersonate new user accounts, to ensure they have access to the necessary Campaigns, workflows etc.


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