I. Campaign Home Page

A. Placing a Call

    1. Auto-Dial

        a. 'Auto-dial' will load a contact and immediately launch the dialer into a call with that contact, so you must be ready to talk immediately after selecting this option.

        b. To use the auto dial option, you may either click on the green "Start Dialing (auto-dial) button or you may click on the "Start Dialing" tab (highlighted in yellow) at the top of the Campaign Home Page. 

    2. Normal-Dial

        a. 'normal' dial will load a contact and allow you time to review the contact's information and/or campaign boards before placing a call.
        b. Click the blue 'Start Dialing (normal) to call contacts with 'normal' dial.

B. Viewing Campaign Boards (Appointment Recipients' Calendars)

The "Boards" tab (see purple box below for location of "Boards" tab) will display the schedule(s) for the rep(s) who have been delegated to assign appointments for the campaign you are viewing . Dialers may want to check this screen before they begin dialing so they have a general sense of what days/ times they can schedule appointments. Administrators should provide guidelines for the maximum number of appointments to be set each day.
Note: the appointment totals at the bottom of the page reflect numbers for "appointments" only, they do not include meetings with non-contacts, busy times, etc. (see below for additional details of Calendar symbols).

1. Calendar Symbols

    a. The calendar displays the schedulable times for the current campaign in 1-hour chunks, each hour for which an existing appointment has been scheduled, contains a symbol denoting the type of appointment. 

    b. The green dollar (pink box below) denotes an appointment that fits exactly within the timespan show (e.g. an appointment from 11:00AM - 12:00PM). 

    c. A yellow dollar symbol (black box) indicates an appointment that does not fit exactly within the timeframe displayed (e.g. an appointment from 12:45PM -1:00PM etc). 

    d. The two red triangles (red box below) represent a block of time that has multiple events scheduled (e.g. an appointment from 11:00-11:30 and another from 11:30-12:00). 

    e. The silhouettes symbol (purple box) denotes a meeting with someone who is not a dialer contact. 

    f. A phone symbol (brown box) denotes a 'call back' appointment. An hourglass (gray box) indicates that a rep is "busy" (not available for appointment scheduling). 

    g. Admins may also set 'Custom Event Types' and make use of additional logos. 

2. Navigating through Boards
    a. The top of the board (orange box) displays the name of the Sales Rep whose schedule you are viewing as well as the name of the campaign you are on.

    b. By default the Board will display the current week's schedule, but you may move the schedule forward or back in one-week increments by clicking the arrows above the schedule (see green boxes). 

    c. To view the details of an appointment, click on the symbol for the appointment and you will be directed to the "Edit Contact" page for the corresponding contact.

    Note: you can only view details of appointments with contacts (ie you cannot see additional details for meetings, call back, busy etc).  


C. Call Statistics

The remaining call statistics at the bottom of the campaign home page give a quick overview of how many contacts are available to call, how many leads have been generated and how many times each contact has been called. These statistics are useful for admins, who may want to import more contacts to a campaign once contacts are beginning to run out and/or have all been called many many times.