I. Dispositioning a Call


A. Disposition Buttons:

The blue buttons at the bottom of the campaign dialer will display your disposition options for this call (dispositions are pre-configured options that correspond to the possible outcomes of your call). 
Note - The dispositions options are highly configurable so the result of selecting each disposition may vary from campaign to campaign. 
    1. Dispositions That Create Appointments
        a. Check Campaign Board for Availability
             If a contact wishes to schedule an appointment, while they are on the phone, you should check the 'Boards' (ie schedule for the Reps who are available to attend appointments for the campaign for which you are dialing) and find an appointment time that is mutually available to the business owner and your company's rep. To view the appointment boards, click on the arrow to expand the the  section directly above the disposition options.
       b. (this step may not always be required) Select a rep to assign to the appointment
            You cannot set an appointment from the actual 'board', instead you must schedule through the call disposition menu. Some Dispositions may automatically bring up the calendar for the rep for which you are scheduling, others may require you to type in or select an appointment recipient's name.

        c. Schedule the Appointment

        i. select the appointment date and time - Once an appointment recipient is selected, the recipient's calendar will open to a single day view (note you can use the 'day/week/month' options at the top of the calendar to expand the view as well as the arrow icons to shift forward or backward by 1 day, week or month. By default the appointment time will be set for 11:00 AM, but you should change the time to correspond to whatever actual date and time were set with the contact.  Make sure you adjust the actual appointment date as well.

        ii. set the event type - If you are scheduling a call back, meeting or some other type of even besides an appointment, be sure to select the appropriate event type from the Event Type drop down. 

        iii. set the appointment duration - by default appointments are set for one hour, so be sure to adjust accordingly if the appointment will be shorter or longer than that. 

Note: Once you have saved the appointment time, you will not be able to change or reschedule it --unless it is an appointment for yourself OR you have the appropriate permission to access the calendar for other users.

        If you do not have permission, you will need to contact a supervisor who does have the appropriate permission to reschedule the appointment for you.

        Some disposition options (e.g. if the user is busy but wants a phone call back), will give dialers the option of setting up a callback reminder. Scheduling works much the same as with scheduling an appointment, but dialers will want to select "Callback" from the "Event Type" drop-down menu – and most likely, you will want to assign the call back reminder to yourself. If you are assigning another dialer, to call, make sure they are aware of any information they need to know when placing the call.

B. Saving a Disposition

Once you have finished dispositioning the call you can move on to the next contact in the campaign by clicking the green "Save & Call Next" button, or you can click the red "Save & Stop Calling" button to prevent the next     call from automatically executing.

Note - It is important that to click on one of the "Save" options once the appointment has been input. If dialers do not save, the appointment will not go onto the rep's calendar. Likewise, if a dialer has accidentally chosen the wrong disposition for the call, the dialer may easily go back and select the appropriate disposition up until it is "saved". If an error occurred during the dispositioning process, a disposition may be added or edited later through the "calls" tab on the top menu bar. (See Viewing Previous Call Info section for additional information about accessing info about calls you have already placed)